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My real interest in genealogy began when I was in college and my grandmother had this large box of photos that she showed to me. There was one photo in the box that was a picture of my dad as a small boy holding a chicken. The photo was identified on the back as “Buster holding chicken”. This was one of the very few photos that had anything written on the back and it identified the chicken but not my great-grandmother standing in the background or who the man sitting on the porch was. I am still trying to get that man identified over 25 years later!

I have researched off and on for the 25 years since then. About 5 years ago, I joined my local genealogy society and have since served as the president for the past couple of years. I have attended one national genealogy conference and several local genealogy events.

If you have information on any of the family members on this website, please email me! I love to hear from my website visitors and I am happy to exchange genealogy information.

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I am currently updating the site so it is under construction. I am using Family Tree Maker 2014 as my main genealogy software.